Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier

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Norfolk Terrier, from Great Britain is coming, indeed, it has already arrived, but recently, a little devil dog. It is small but has its own character and why. One reason, indeed many, also to be loved and appreciated. Certainly told, in great detail, even if it comes to a maximum of 8 Kg, unless obesity.

Norfolk Terrier: origins

Born in recent times and recognized in the 1960s as an official breed, the Norfolk Terrier it was originally dedicated to hunting small animals harmful to humans, especially in rural areas. Much better today that it is a pet and it has to do with us, before he spent his days chasing rats, foxes, badgers.

The English Kennel Club recognizes this breed in 1964 and subsequently decides to give the US equivalent to Norfolk Terrier the dignity of race in itself. However, its diffusion remains very scarce and its history is still much to be written.

The origin of its characters is linked to mysteriously random and successful crosses, made by farmers who owned small tawny and black-and-tan terriers. The progenitor of the breed Norfolk Terrier is a fawn male named "Rags", already with numerous genetic characteristics typical of the breed.

Norfolk Terrier: breeding

The farms of Norfolk Terrier, they start popping up in England, considering he is a native dog of Norfolk county. When the standard was approved by the English Kennel Club on September 22, 1964, and when the same happens in the United States in 1979, then everything is clearer and even farms benefit from it. However, this does not give a great boost to the spread of the breed of Terrier which still at least in Europe, certainly in Italy, is a “niche”. Luckily it's small and it fits.

Norfolk Terrier: appearance

Under 10 kg more than small the size is XS, for a dog but the Norfolk Terrier has these dimensions and at the withers the height indicated as ideal is that of 25 cm. This says the breed standard that describes him, moreover, low on the limbs, ardent, compact and robust.

Miniature but the Norfolk Terrier he is a solid animal with a "tough" structure and bone, with the right proportions. It is not a botolino or a jar, and not even a small "pile of fur and bones wagging its tail", it is a dog with great dignity and excellent shape. And it also keeps itself in excellent shape given the lot of exercise it requires to do every day.

The hair of the Norfolk Terrier he is hard and bristly, he has no problems with suffering from bad weather and withstanding a life in the open air. It does so with courage and a spirit of adventure, with its upturned, wedge-shaped face, tight lips and strong jaws. And the black "big nose" that stands out on the Norfolk Terrier so small.

His ears are V-shaped, the oval eyes they can appear both dark brown and black, but in both cases they have an attentive expression, they look around ardent and intelligent. In part, the colors of the eyes are combined with those of the hair and the shades allowed are all those of the fawn, corn red, black and tan or grizzled while white spots or patches are not desired, but allowed.

Norfolk Terrier: character

Such a small dog brings with it the perfect characteristics to be an excellent guardian and hunting dog. It has not the slightest fear and is attentive to every slightest rustle, it moves very easily in confined spaces like someone who, coincidentally, was born to hunt small animals.

In addition to the mouse hunter character, the Norflolk terrier it shows off an unsuspected sociability for those who have spent their lives chasing mice. Both with humans and with other dogs, even much older ones, he is very expansive without getting terrified. This is why today he has a career ahead of him as pet dog, even if he needs to do a lot of exercise and on a daily basis. But if accompanied by him, he combines the useful, moving, with the pleasure of being together with his master to whom he gets attached immediately and a lot.

We said that the Norfolk Terrier he is a brave dog, and we do not deny him, but he is not reckless nor intrusive or brash. This is why he is not a quarrelsome dog and, even if he is determined, he does not create problems. There are those who call him a little "devil", small for his mass, devil for his office, for his determination, but not for bad intentions because the nature of the Norfolk Terrier he does not conceive them.

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