How to recognize mushrooms

How to recognize mushrooms

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Recognize mushrooms edibles require careful knowledge of all their species, many of which prove to be harmful and worse deadly.
THE mushrooms edibles, on the other hand, represent a delicious food, you just need a little passion to be able to go and collect them in respect of the environment. But be careful! Mushrooms have always caused victims among the unwary people who ate them after having collected them without an indispensable and certain mycological knowledge.
How to recognize mushrooms?

How to recognize mushrooms, useful information

Behind every mushroom can hide the danger of poison, in some cases deadly. In this regard, one should never rely on personal evaluation criteria. Here are some useful pointers:

  • The blackening of the silver spoon, garlic and onion by cooking is not a wake-up call for mushroom toxicity: it may be so for some mushrooms, but there are some, lethal, that have none of these. reactions.
  • Mushrooms that are eaten by snails or other insects are not necessarily edible: there are animals with a different organism from ours that can eat poisonous mushrooms
  • Fungi do not become poisonous by only contact with poisonous animals or plants or when they grow under certain plants rather than others
  • The poisonousness of mushrooms is not given by the vividness of the colors, by the smell, by their viscidity, by the change in color: many poisonous and lethal mushrooms do not reflect these characteristics
  • Completely white mushrooms with a pleasant taste are not always edible: among them we find the spring Amanita which is one of the most poisonous and certainly deadly mushrooms.
  • Avoid letting a pet (cat or dog) taste mushrooms first to judge an edible mushroom: some animals have a sensitivity to poisons different from ours
  • Even if they are dried, the mushrooms do not lose their poisonous properties: with drying, the mushrooms lose only their water and, on the contrary, what remains has an even higher concentration of poison.
  • Do not pick mushrooms when they are still small because it becomes more difficult to recognize them and therefore understand what type they are.

How to recognize mushrooms, the rule
The only way to recognize mushrooms edible from poisonous and deadly ones is certainly to know with certainty all the different species and then be able to assign them the right location.
If you are inexperienced, do not rely on the information you find around on the internet, the wisest thing if you have any doubts is to contact one of the many mycological inspectorates that have the task of checking all mushrooms intended for marketing.

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