Ecotourism: discovering the Madonie Park

Ecotourism: discovering the Madonie Park

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L'ecotourism in the Madonie Park is enjoying growing success because it allows you to immerse yourself in nature in a spectacular territory and (fortunately) not yet attacked by mass tourism.

The Madonie Park includes the natural reserves of Favara and Granza and Monte S. Calogero: an area of ​​74,000 hectares recognized as a Site of Community Importance.

The network of over 60 paths, which can be traveled on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback, extends for over 200 km allowing you to immerse yourself in an unspoiled natural landscape. The Park District is also crossed by the Sentiero Italia, a 6,166 km long hiking itinerary that crosses the entire national territory, from the Alps to Sicily passing through the Apennines.

Within the Madonie Park there are 25 cultural and sports associations with the aim of protecting and enhancing the large spaces available.

The Madonie Park is part of a District which also includes theRegional Archaeological Park of Himera, an important colony of Magna Graecia founded in 648 BC. from Syracusan exiles and from Calcidesi from Zancle, today's Messina.

The plain overlooking the city of Himera was also the scene of an important battle which took place in 480 BC. when the armies of Syracuse and Akragas defeated the Carthaginian one, killing on the same occasion in the Punic general Annibale Magone, nephew of Amilcare.

Two years later, the exiles of Himera, together with Libyan settlers, founded 12 km west of the historic settlement of Thermai Himeraìai, today Termini Imerese which houses one of the most important production plants of FIAT - FCA Auto.

The remains of the civilizations of the past, as well as the many castles in the area, can also be admired from above, thanks to a hang-gliding, hot-air balloon and ultralight aircraft tour.

There are many trekking activities and cultural visits available, as well as events organized throughout the year: you can see some of them in this official video ...

The District, as you have also seen from the video, also includes a third important location, this time by the sea: Cefalù, a town, about 70 km from Palermo, located at the foot of a rocky promontory and included in the club of "The most beautiful villages in Italy", the association of small Italian towns that stand out for their artistic, cultural and historical importance, for the harmony of the urban fabric, liveability and services offered to citizens.

There Cefalù Cathedral, from 3 July 2015 it was included in the World Heritage Site (Unesco), within the Arab-Norman itinerary of Palermo, Cefalù and Monreale.

Cefalù Cathedral - Photo: Per-Erik Skramstad / Wonders of Sicily

To book a stay in the Touristic District of Cefalù and Madonie and Himera Parks you can choose from the proposals of 8,165 hotel facilities and 5,843 non-hotel facilities, distributed in the 30 municipalities that are part of the district and of which we provide you with the complete list:

  • Alia
  • Alimena
  • Aliminusa
  • Blufi
  • Bompietro
  • Caccamo
  • Caltavuturo
  • Campofelice di Roccella
  • Castelbuono
  • Castellana Sicula
  • Cefalù
  • Cerda
  • Collesano
  • Gangi
  • Geraci Siculo
  • Scratchers
  • Isnello
  • Lascari
  • Montemaggiore Belsito
  • Petralia Soprana
  • Petralia Sottana
  • Polizzi Generosa
  • Pollina
  • They resuct
  • San Mauro Castelverde
  • Sciara
  • Scillato
  • Sclafani Bagni
  • Termini Imerese
  • Valledolmo

Searching on Google for the name of each municipality you can easily find the link to the individual official sites with more information and images of the places that will host you.

In any case, I will soon be able to provide you with more information as I will personally go to visit the territory of the District for an ecotourism stay that will include the exploration of a good number of locations and a series of activities in contact with nature and the territory. .

The photos and videos will be available on the IdeeGreen Facebook page, on the Globopix / Blog for Travelers Facebook page and on the District's official Facebook page: you just have to follow us! :-)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: my article on the 5 spectacular days spent in Madonie with photos, videos and links on my tour.

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