Wooden wristwatches

Wooden wristwatches

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Wooden wristwatches: prices, models and guide to choosing the best wooden wristwatch. From Bewll, WeWood to Laimer, without excluding cheap wooden watches.

The market does not fail to wooden wristwatchesand choosing one might be difficult. On this page we will give you guidelines for choosing the bestwooden wrist watchthat's right for you.

Many have approached the world ofwooden wristwatchesonly as a result of several offers onGrouponbut the fashion ofwooden watchesis much more remote, so much so that it dates back to the early 2000s. Even the Italian market is not fasting: in 2010 theWeWood which launched a line ofwooden wristwatchesfor reforestation, an exceptional testimonialwill.i.amistaboo of the Black Eyed Peas. The complete campaign and collection of WeWood watches is available on this page:Wooden clocks for reforestation.

Before buying anywooden wristwatchit is necessary to evaluate:

The style in line with the material

Let's face it, some wooden watches on the market are not worth the tree used! Wood is an elegant material and does not go well with modelssquatand too coarse. Excessive caliber models should be avoided.

Wood finishing and treatments

I'd like to think that the wood used to make the wrist watches it was 100% natural but… to be durable over time it is good to choose a watch with a polished and well-worked finish. If the wood appears rough or dull it should be avoided as it probably won't have long life.

Movement and quality

Most wooden wristwatches are powered by quartz. Before purchasing the wristwatch, ask the company to provide you with the name of the company that supplies the movement mechanism. If the company omits this data, be wary, maybe the finishes will also be good, but the clock mechanism could be a real Chinese. A goodwooden clockwristit should have the mechanism provided by a reputable company like JapanMiyota, the same that provides the movementsCitizen. Inquire before purchasing.


Somewooden wrist watchesthey are simple and only provide the time, others give additional information with a small date window, still others show the phases of the moon ...

Extra material

There is no shortage of high-end watches where small touches in mother-of-pearl, with diamonds or diamonds are added to the wood. The arrows of the same watch, as well as in mother of pearl, can be in gold or silver, as well as the closure system.

For men or women

Thewooden wrist watchesthey are mostly unisex, in fact the differences matter little. Of course, some companies have differentiated men's and women's lines by sizing them and adding ad hoc finishes but the gender differences ofwooden wristwatchesthey are much less marked than metal or plastic watches. This empowers women to choose men's watches and vice versa - wood is an extremely light material, so even a slightly larger dial won't make a difference in terms of weight on the wrist.

Wooden wristwatches, prices

As happens in any sector of the market, also in this case the prices vary (even very much) according to the manufacturer, the materials and the model chosen. To give you practical examples of prices and models ofwooden wristwatcheson the market, we refer you to the Amazon product pages.

Bewell dark wood clock
Model with black dial and Mineral glass.
Time and calendar function.
Price: it is offered at the promotional price of € 39.98 on Amazon.

Laimer - Luxury Wooden Wristwatch
The company that supplies the Miyota movement mechanism. Made of dark sandalwood and sapphire crystal.
Dial with fine finishes e
Price: 229.90 euros

Bewell ZS-W020A wooden clock
As it is clear, we have reported only wooden wristwatches with quality mechanism: Japanese Miyota movement.
Material: sandalwood and maple.
Price: € 54.99

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