Toyger cat: origin, character, breeding and price

Toyger cat: origin, character, breeding and price

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Toyger cat, from the name you can already understand that it is a cross between a tiger and a toy. It is not very respectful and ethical, to give an animal like this a toy, but its appearance and its history make one think that it was created "a bit for fun", to have a miniature tiger. And so it was.

The name of Toyger cat derives from the union of the word toy (toy) and the word tiger (tiger), it is a toy tiger and has recently existed as a breed officially in Italy, it was born in the United States but very popular in the United Kingdom.

There the Toyger cat has become a real fashion: it is one tiger but domestic, from that touch of exoticism to English houses, he goes on a leash like a dog, is docile of character and even swims.

Toyger cat: origin

A Californian lover of tigers is the creator of Toyger cat, is called Judy Sudgen and in the 1980s he had the idea and the patience to select this particular breed. It was seeing his mother Jean Mill create the Bengal cat that Judy wanted to do something else, do more, do different. And here is the Toyger cat with its unmistakable "stripes".

The Toyger cat derives from the crossing of cats Mackerel Tabby, imported from India, with Bengal cats, with the aim of obtaining a long, muscular animal with defined stripes and small tiger eyes. In 1993 the breed of the Toyger cat she was registered with the TIC (The International Cat Association) and as a toy, she became the official cat.

If the Bengal cat is already known to us, the Mackerel Tabby a little less. It is an animal with a brindle coat with uninterrupted vertical lines, in fact mackerel literally means mackerel, a fish with the back covered with a brindle design. This cat has on its own fur a sharp black line, continuous, from the nape to the base of the tail. There are other lines on her hips, shoulders and thighs too, thinner but continuous and also parallel. As with other breeds, the Mackerel Tabby he has an M on his forehead and two or three lines that follow the contours of the cheeks while he alone has polka dots on the abdomen.

Toyger cat: character

It resembles a tiger only in the physical, otherwise the Toyger cat it has a very different character. It is one of the most popular breeds meek and docile. His nature is decidedly domestic, he is peaceful and has a very relaxed air, he shows himself sweet with his master and also with any human being that passes by.

With such a character the Toyger cat it turns out to be the perfect feline for families even with children who can be passionate about the idea of ​​having a small affectionate tiger at home, in the bedroom. I dare not imagine what their imagination will create: stories, adventures, emotions in the company of the new friend. And he will let them. Rather!

It is athletic and easily trainable, the toyger cat, smart and adventurous. He also lets himself be led on a leash and, oddly enough, loves water. It must be confessed that the Toyger cat he also has a passion for hunting therefore, small animals such as birds or hamsters are not very compatible in the same house, for a peaceful coexistence.

Toyger cat: appearance

It weighs from 4 to 6 kg, has a slender but muscular, tapered body, and covered with stripes: its main feature. That makes a Toyger cat a Toyger cat. Long, with a long tail, this feline has a tapered snout and rather large paws, small ears and also small, almond-shaped eyes, possibly of intense color.

The hair of the Toyger cat it is definitely striped, even on the legs, it is brindle. Short and silky, crystalline with glitter, dense, this animal's coat is usually white around the eyes and then slightly longer around the muzzle.

The prevailing colors in the coat of the Toyger cat they are orange, with black or brown streaks. The Toyger cat it has neither teeth nor claws, it doesn't have many extra defenses but its spectacular appearance makes it a desired loot for thefts and kidnappings.

Toyger cat: price

The price is stolen, for the Toyger cat which comes to cost too 3 thousand euros. There may be occasions, often online, with prices offered that are around a thousand euros, I do not want to judge a priori but without a doubt appropriate and careful checks must be made because for the Toyger cat the "market price" is triple.

Toyger cat: breeding

In Italy there are just a couple of herds of Toyger cat, one in Abruzzo and one in Piedmont, while in the United States the numbers are around twenty.

Present farms also in UK where we have seen that this cat is very popular. But they always remain a very small number, which is why the breed is not widespread, although it is very popular. Between giant cats the Toyger catit is one of the most popular.

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