How to train a puppy

How to train a puppy

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How to train a puppy: it's like training yourself a little too, in patience, yes, but also in discipline, to memory and order. Why to educate he means educating us a little too.

Another teaching of life and on how to train a puppy is not taking yourself too seriously, but doing it seriously. That's right: put it on the game, when it comes to how to train a puppy, it's the best thing. Above all it is better than treating him badly.

This is generally true, with a young pupil it is even more important. Otherwise it would begin to have unmotivated e unreasonable fear of us, without learning anything. A person terrified of reduced learning ability.

A little bit of altruism, even, before you understand how to train a puppy: we choose the games he likes and not us. So not necessarily particularly similar to those of a child or in combination with home accessories but, he wants it so, made of many multiple parts of different consistency, which can be opened or broken. The only veto that can be placed on the puppy's wishes on the toy is that they are dangerous as a material or as a possibility of causing injury.

One must immediately begin to understand how to train a puppy because the most important phase is the first three months, which are fundamental. During this period the puppy needs to be stimulated and to be pampered and manipulated, and even rewarded if he does the right thing by learning to learn.

How to train a puppy: the needs

To be habitual in this section of how to train a puppy it matters a lot, because you need to choose a certain place while also following a rigorous routine. Every day, at the same times, the puppy must be taken to a certain area that he must be able to identify how "Poop area". Then of course it is not that he must always do it there, but he must understand that he is "out" there and not at home.

Usually the place "there" is best to choose close, while for the times, the recommended ones are morning, after each meal, after the game and in the evening. We take into account that i puppies they need more often and may be more irregular.

Also for this, I recommend, to know how to train a puppy not to do the needs at home requires a spirit of observation: we learn to recognize any signs of "I have to go to the bathroom”And take him out immediately.

How to train a puppy: play and bites

The moment of the game is one of those useful to see how to train a puppy. It is a bit of a do-it-yourself, in this case, because if we immediately let our dog socialize with his peers, he learns by himself to do not bite, because others will react. The law "Of the jungle" soft, between tender hairy, to immediately get in line.

Then you have to figure out how to train a puppy not to bite us. Here you have to be very strict and stop playing and give him attention when it does, let out a cry and then ignore it. So connect our reaction to his bite. He will then try to be forgiven and learn, let's not slap him because he must have time to understand: action and reaction.

To shorten the time we can give him toys to nibble on, his favorites, so that he can let off steam there. This is also one way to deal with the how to train a puppy, helping each other with expedients and giving him moments of release.

How to train a puppy: children

Whether you have children or not, understand how to train a puppy being in the presence of children and playing with them is always a useful step. The little ones of humans often do not have the measures, as much as those of dogs. They may perhaps get too close, or touch him in an involuntarily aggressive way, or, if he grows larger, perhaps spite.

In any case, the how to train a puppy understands the fact that ours must not react violently. At the same time better explain to the child a do not provoke the puppy, not to slam things in his face, not to make him feel threatened.

How to train a puppy: kennel and come

Before you know how to train a puppy to sit down even to come to meet us, it is necessary to understand with him and establish a clear channel of communication. Minutes. Let's start with the name, rewarding it when it answers.

Then, how to train a puppy to sit down and then to follow the command "come" are similar processes: he must learn to link order with action and action with reward. Caresses or morselsthey are. Little by little he will learn to get into the kennel, then to stay still in the kennel until our command and, finally, to come when we call him from further away. But then it is necessary, if you want to play the part of who knows well how to train a puppy, show emotion when he obeys.

How to train a puppy: leash

To begin to address the how to train a puppy to stay on a leash… maybe without pulling… let's tire him so that he doesn't have the energy to pull. Yes, we start like this, making him play, for example, before the walk.

Once outside it is necessary to take and let him get the hang of speed, he will tend to run and go everywhere, and then maybe stop suddenly. I remember as well as mine Bernese shepherd after traveling in a indomitable zig zag hundreds of meters, it stopped like a boulder, immovable, in the middle of the road, behind a car, on the door of a shop. And who convinced him.

It's all a game of voice and pulling the leash, but not too much. They are the companies of the how to train a puppy. And here comes the great patience needed, and the ability to laugh at it. I risked not showing up to my graduation because the dog did not want to go home at 3 months. Fortunately he is convinced, to the hair.

How to train a puppy

To finish this educational taste dedicated to puppies, after understanding the case too how to train a dog is how to train a cat, adults, here is a video that gives an interesting overview. Of course everyone has their own puppy with his little head, but it is useful to get an idea of ​​what awaits us.

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