Recycle household items

Recycle household items

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Recycle items, yes but which ones? Here we are talking about household items, fabrics, materials and even clothes, which are normally already present in any home. Password: recycle. Indeed reuse. Because a used object does not necessarily have to be destroyed and regenerated, it can also be reused with a different function from the previous one. Here are some examples.

Recycle household items: fabrics

Towels. If the appearance of the towels no longer does justice to the decor of the bathroom, don't throw them away. Cut into rags of the size you prefer, they become excellent rags for cleaning the house (dust, floors ...). And if you have the time to machine-finish the hems, you'll have better cleaning cloths than you could buy at the grocery store.

Old socks. Laundry and not, it doesn't matter. If you soak them with vinegar and knot them around the rubunetti in the critical points where the halos form, you will have an excellent anti-limescale system. Isn't that a good show? Use this system at night and you will see that the slow action of the vinegar will be enough to eliminate even the old limescale deposits (saving on descaling products).

Another idea for old socks: tie one like a hood on the end of a broomstick and you will have a tool to remove cobwebs from the ceiling or behind furniture. Another one: wear two or three socks on one hand as a glove and use this system to polish the wood, the result will be excellent. For the rest, use your imagination ...

Recycle household items: bottles and containers

Between the glass containers and bottles there are always many interesting objects. Resealable glass jars can be reused for canning or to keep screws and nails in the cellar. On the other hand, plastic containers are precious when they have a cap equipped with a sprayer: once the product they contained has been exhausted, they can be used practically indefinitely for home-made mixtures (for cleaning and plant care).

Recycle items in the house: toothbrushes

Toothbrushes go out of order after a while. But only for oral hygiene, for other purposes they are still useful. Use them for example to clean hard-to-reach places or to clear a clogged sink drain.