Shielding films for windows

Shielding films for windows

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Theshielding films for windowsare advanced shielding systems to be applied directly on window panes. Based on the quality, theshielding films for windowsthey canshieldsunlight and prying eyes in the case of "privacy" shielding films.

The shielding films for windows they are the last frontier of solar shields and how these are characterized by 3 properties such as absorbance, transmittance and reflectance (read more in the article: "sunscreens, what are they“).

Theshielding films for windowsof the latest generation have such a degree of shielding that their application falls within theenergy requalification interventions. A house is nothing more than a shell where the external skeleton is made up of walls and windows. Just as for the walls there are different thermal insulating and acoustically insulating materials, even with the windows we can talk about thermal and acoustic gradient, even if with the windows the argument is more thorny: doors and windows represent the weak link in the insulation of buildings . The transparent elements must provide natural lighting and ventilation, ending up becoming a point of discontinuity in the entire building structure. If you are considering the purchase of insulating windows pay attention to the certification of the fixtures proposed by the manufacturer while if you are thinking of installingshielding films for glass, evaluate carefully if your window is well insulated (read more: window insulation).

Theshielding films for windowsthey fulfill, in whole or in part, the role played by the old curtains that roll up into a roller positioned just above the window and hidden in a dumpster.

Theshielding films for windowsthey are very thin adhesive films, able to absorb a large part of the sun's rays, increasing the experience of home comfort. By absorbing the sun's rays, theshielding films for windowsmanage to prevent the transmission of heat in the interior of the house. With the installation of theshielding films for windowsit is possible to reduce the costs of cooling systems. Due to the characteristics described above, thewindow screening filmsthey are also saidsun protection films.

Thereshielding film for glassit is given by a very thin layer of polyester film, the thickness varies from 0.025 to 0.35 mm. Thereanti-solar film, in addition to shielding the heat of the sun, it reduces the amount of glare and reflections on internal surfaces without penalizing the brightness as would a curtain. The advantages are clear: on the one hand they allow us to take advantage of natural light while saving on artificial lighting and on the other hand they allow us to save on the use of air conditioners. A third advantage arises with the choice of"privacy" shielding films, it's aboutsun protection filmswhich reduce visibility from the outside to the inside. The effectmirrorit is the most classic, in this case the shielding film, applied to the outside of the window, reflects prying eyes, behaving like a mirror towards the outside, while those at home have maximum visibility towards the outside.

Before buying oneanti-solar filmI recommend reading the article on solar shields where I explain where I introduce the concepts of transmittance, absorbance and reflectance. Go to:sun screens, what are they.This preliminary reading is necessary otherwise you risk buying a product and being disappointed with the result. We propose you someshielding films for windowswith an excellent value for money.

Price: 74.90 euros
Roll size: 152cm x 500cm
Heat transmittance: 8%
Heat reflectance: 63%
Heat absorption: 31%
Visible light transmitted: 5%
UV protection: 98%

It is a self-adhesive film with a very marked mirror effect, so much so that together with the heat it is able to shield even a very small part of the incoming light.

Anti-sun mirror film, scratch-proof
It is a mirror effect film that protects against UV rays. The price is 40.50 euros and for the full description we refer you to the official product page on Amazon.

How are window shielding films applied? The application is simple and in both cases the manufacturer provides a video tutorial with instructions. Even if the instructions are not in Italian, understanding is not difficult. The manufacturer recommends the use of water but given the experience of the users, to better handle the film, the use of soap and water is recommended.

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