Does aromatherapy really work?

Does aromatherapy really work?

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L'aromatherapyit is the practice that researches and applies the therapeutic potential of natural essential oils obtained from plants. The benefits ofaromatherapywould be due to the fact that perfumes act on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland triggering cascade reactions of various types.

L'aromatherapycannot be described as a form ofalternative medicine, rather I can present it as a complementary therapy to support the standard treatment of the disorder.

The effects of aromatherapy with essential oils

Aromatherapy involves the treatment and prevention of various diseases through the use of essential oils. This practice relates to two alleged mechanisms. One is the impact that perfume has on our nervous system, in particular on the limbic system through the olfactory system. The other is the direct pharmacological effect of essential oils. I do not recommend the use ofaromatherapy to replace the treatments proposed by medicine.

In the Italian scenario, thearomatherapy it is proposed for the reduction of anxiety levels, the increase of energy, to improve memory, to relax the body but also to prevent hair loss and reduce the itching of atopic dermatitis.

Does aromatherapy really work?

Some essential oils like tea tree oil, they have shown anti-microbial effects, however there are no clinical studies that have shown their effectiveness against bacteria. As well as for the benefits of essential oils, even those ofaromatherapy are often questioned: when it comes to scientific evidence, the effectiveness ofaromatherapy in the treatment of medical conditions it remains scarce. The problem ofaromatherapy is that there are no studies that employ a rigorous methodology.

L'aromatherapyit becomes effective when its purpose is to completely relax the body and mint. A relaxed patient will be exposed to fewer health risks and will be able to face life more purposefully. It is difficult to say with certainty whether a certain essential oil works against headache or heartburn.

I can say that thearomatherapyit can be experienced as a practice to achieve an emotional and spiritual balance but not to cure a disease.

It may be possible to exploit thearomatherapy to soothe psychosomatic disorders, to calm stress, restlessness, anxiety ... but even in this case it is good not to expect miracles because it all depends on how much it isreceptivea certain patient. Talk about the effectiveness ofaromatherapyit is not easy because it all depends on the desired effect: if you are looking for a relaxation technique,aromatherapy it can be an excellent ally in many other cases, better to turn elsewhere.

Aromatherapy - Method of application

Air diffusion

Aromatherapy understood as the scent of rooms with essential oils. Domestic application is also strongly recommended as a substitute for artificial fragrances that cause domestic pollution.

Direct inhalation

To exploit the alleged psychological effects and properties of essential oils such as disinfection of the respiratory tract, decongestion, expectoral properties ...

Topical applications

Massages, baths, wraps, skin care.

Other applications

Often, I recommend using essential oils to perfume cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and other homemade creams. Essential oils can also be used, with extreme caution, in cooking (see, essential oils in cooking).

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