How to open a dog boarding house

How to open a dog boarding house

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How to open a dog boarding house this is what those who love animals ask themselves and at the same time are also looking for an activity that involves contact with nature. Finding out how to open a dog boarding house means giving yourself an opportunity to start a business that does not require large initial investments but that could present concrete earnings prospects.

The skills needed to know how to open a dog boarding house are easily obtained through special courses, as well as those to open one dog school, in both cases the first satisfactions are personal ones, achieved by approaching educational and therapeutic practices which, before showing us how to open a dog boarding house, they can form us as people. Teaching us how to live with and deal with another living being. Dog, man, whatever.

How to open a dog boarding house: first steps

Each region or almost, in Italy, has its own rules on how to open a dog boarding house. It is better to inquire immediately on the websites or at the counters, directly, on the official channels. Then you can indulge yourself by looking for a terrain where to carry it out, indeed, I would also say that the two actions can be simultaneous, also because from ground to ground, perhaps from municipality to municipality, some legislative nuances can vary. Better to go without fail.

The ground to open a dog boarding house it is better that it is located at a minimum distance from the inhabited center. To know the regulations, a competence that is not part of those learned in the courses on how to open a dog boarding house, you can ask or consult those who understand something about land use plans.

In addition to the land, a good idea can be to look for one or more partners to think together where and how to open a dog boarding house. Adventure companions aside, returning to the land and retirement, a visit should also be made to the local office of theASL to verify the basic rules and the feasibility of the project.

In general, this means ascertaining the existence of a water supply, a functioning sewer system and an electricity network. I dare say perfectly. Specifically, before we understand anything else about how to open a dog boarding house it is best to verify that the drainage system be efficient. It is the one that collects the dirty water after washing the various spaces and sends it directly to the sewer, avoiding thesoil pollution.

To get an idea of ​​the project we are about to undertake it is good to go and visit a certain number of guesthouses, preferably in the area. It is not about copying the secrets on how to open a dog boarding house but to look at the existing with a critical eye. We look above all at spaces and their organization, for example, but also at number of animals hosted and the needs they can show, even unexpected to those who have never put themselves into the game so far.

How to open a dog boarding house: spaces

A major concern about the how to open a dog boarding house it is that of spaces. How much and how to manage the space? How to divide it and what characteristics are essential for it to be as welcoming as possible for our friends a four paws? For cubicles or boxes that are prepared to accommodate small dogs, the minimum width must be 2 meters while for their larger colleagues it can reach 9 meters,

On average then 4 or 5 meters but it is better to make spaces of various sizes, because you cannot make an average of tonnage of dogs that our guests will arrive. It's a Great Dane or a 4 meter Dobermann is not consoled by looking at how wide a Pug is next to him. Rather! Spaces must be well heated, built with insulating materials, and they must have a covered area where to sleep and shelter in case of bad weather and an outdoor area, where each dog can move and possibly make needs.

The fences must comply with the rules, of course, on how to open a dog boarding house, but it is also important that they are made of non-harmful and possibly natural, sustainable materials. For a pension that is also a friend of the environment as well as of the four legs. It is also useful that the fences are easily washable.

Speaking of spaces, even if it is not in the fixed rules of how to open a dog boarding house, it would be nice to enter into an agreement with the municipal kennel and reserve some boxes for abandoned animals. Generosity will certainly bring good luck to your project.

In addition to the dog boxes, it is necessary that the boarding house has a large space where all the animals we host can spend at least 2 hours a day, socialize, be a walk. Again, elsewhere, out of the reach of dogs, it is useful to have a tool shed and a feed warehouse, a infirmary room where to medicate injured dogs and a comfortable tub for washing and grooming service.

How to open a dog boarding house: bureaucracy

Here is the most boring but not impossible part to deal with in everything related to how to open a dog boarding house: the bureaucratic process. Here we must have the flair of our guests and the stubbornness of a hunting dog chasing its prey. So get all the certification of suitability issued directly by the ASL after a thorough inspection, the various requests for authorization, the application deed complete with revenue stamps and technical expertise. For example the floor plan of the dog boarding, a description of the methods of disposal of solid waste and manure.

For the management of the comings and goings of guests that I hope you will have it is better to organize yourself with a revenue register and the exit of animals, with special spaces to be filled in with the tattoo number or microchip, the health conditions and data of the owner.

How to open a dog boarding house: the costs

It is not boring but this part of our short booklet is sore how to open a dog boarding house: is that of costs. Excluding the land and the water and electrical systems, about 40 thousand euros are needed to build the structure according to current regulations. Then it's all relative, it depends on the size, on the number of individual boxes, on the type of materials water or electrical systems. In this regard, I would think about thephotovoltaic: it could be a profitable long-term and attractive investment for tax relief.

I repeat that thinking in two or in a group a how to open a dog boarding house it can lead to economic as well as psychological advantages: we are looking for a partner, the right one, a lover of animals and complementary to us by character, it could be a decisive thing. Non-alternative options to be explored are also to be sought in financing dedicated to young people, women entrepreneurs or those who offer shelter to animals.

How to open a dog pension: promotion and earnings

In addition to understanding how to open a dog boarding house and to open it, it must also be promoted, otherwise everything has been done for nothing. These days, then, we know that communication and advertising do a lot, together with word of mouth, so let's get into it and spare no breath.

More than barking, since we have to address the owners and not directly to future guests, flyers can be made to be distributed at the veterinary offices and in pet shops of the area. For a matter of costs, but also of opportunity, I would focus mainly on the Internet. First of all, you can create an ad hoc site, and there are many opportunities to do it with low costs. And then you have to get busy with social media, promote yourself, make yourself heard in the city ​​community and canine.

How to open a dog boarding house: guests

How to manage guests and their hosts is just as difficult if not harder than knowing how to open a dog boarding house. Let's start with the basic and essential needs, for example asking the owner for previous pathologies, vaccinations performed and to be performed, the health card.

And then, since we will have him in foster care, we cannot fail to be provided with numbers or addresses to contact in case of emergency. It is also necessary to provide a collaboration with a veterinarian: the sanitary regulations oblige periodic veterinary inspections and then it is good that he is there to monitor animals and hygiene rules. Let's say it out of luck: even for emergency interventions.

How to open a dog boarding house: the extras

Nothing prevents us, thinking about how to open a dog boarding house, to give space to other small pets such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs or hamsters. I say this and I would consider it, as a project, because the demand is constantly growing so it can be convenient. Of course if this does not involve enormous extra costs.

What would be needed is a reserved space, for example for about ten rabbit hutches, or a room with supports for the cages away from passageways or noisy places, drafts and other guests that could scare the animals.

To make the most of space and time, during periods of decline in requests, the dog boarding it can become, completely or partially, a meeting place for dog lovers and dog lovers dog associations. Why not host or organize training schools or sports competitions, courses for "Dog care" for children, parties and gatherings. It could also be a way to make yourself known and convey the quality of our service and the passion with which we dedicate ourselves.

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