Remedies for food moths

Remedies for food moths

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The food moths are those butterflies that flutter in the kitchen when summer begins; in the packaging of some foods they can also be found in the form of a larva. They are found in flours, cereals, dried fruit, pasta and rice, spices ...

There are cases where the purchased food is already infested with eggs or larvae; this happens when we buy loose foods without safety or when the packages are damaged or punctured. Once the infested product arrives in the kitchen, these little animals will soon contaminate the entire pantry. Eliminating these unpleasant insects is not easy but in any case we will offer you natural and non-toxic methods to deal with food moths.

How to get rid of food moths, useful information

  • Completely empty furniture containing hazardous products and examine all unsealed or vacuum-packed packages.
  • Eliminate everything that has been contaminated and thoroughly wash all the furniture after having vacuumed or steam cleaned: in the second case, the eggs that are generally deposited in the corners and are impossible to see will be eliminated more effectively.

Remedies for food moths, fmothproof doors
On the market there are anti-moth leaflets that you find in double packs in the mothproof products department. These sheets, which must be applied on the doors of the pantries, have a substance (pheromone) that attracts the males: in this way they remain attached and in the long run, since there are no males there can no longer be reproduction.
Unfortunately, these leaflets do not always prove very effective; before the males are completely eliminated and the egg-butterfly cycle already underway can be completed even ten to fifteen days, moreover they are not able to eliminate the female moths but only the way to multiply.
Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the idea of ​​seeing these dead moths stuck on the leaflet every time you open the furniture door.

How to prevent food moths

  • Always check very carefully all the products and packages you bring home
  • If possible, freeze freshly bought nuts for at least 24 hours before placing them in the pantry. Then equip yourself with airtight containers of various sizes to store flours, pasta and all foods at risk: in this way, even if a food is contaminated, proliferation will only occur inside the container and will not infest the entire kitchen
  • Food moths hate certain smells such as bay leaves, orange peel, cloves, lavender or lemongrass. Prepare your favorite natural moth repellent and place it in every kitchen cabinet.

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