Cypress: flowering and allergy

Cypress: flowering and allergy

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The cypress is a monoecious species, that is, it presentsmale flowers and female flowers. Thereflowering cypressit is not a striking event, in fact the flowers are insignificant and not very visible, however, this event can be of interest to all those who suffer from pollen allergies or seasonal allergies.

Thecypressbears male and female flowers on the same plant but on separate branches. Male flowers are much more numerous and are formed alate winter-early spring(i.e. between the second half of February until the beginning of March); thereflowering cypressit may slightly vary according to the climatic trend of the season. The male flowers sprout at the apex of the younger branches. They are recognized because they form small yellow pockets which, when opened, release large quantities of pollen. Only the male flowers to cause damage to those suffering from allergy to cypress, or rather, to the pollen released with its flowering.

The female flowers are less numerous, they form together with the male ones but have a globular shape and are violet in color. The female flowers of the cypress grow on short peduncles from young apical branches.

The real tragedy of those who suffer from allergy to cypress and its pollens, is that this plant with its slender foliage characterizes numerous landscapes of the villages of Italy: the cypress is grown practically everywhere and for those suffering from allergy there is no escape!

Anyone who has been on holiday on Lake Garda and in nearby Verona knows very well how much thecommon cypresscan influence our own landscapes. In central Italy, the cypress is present in the countryside and delimits the boundaries between the plots of land and the roads.

In the urban environment it is cultivated to delimit the avenues and squares of the cities so as to become an undisputed symbol: how many of you have heard of the beautifulavenue of cypresses, built in the nineteenth century between the historic center of Bolgheri (Livorno) and the Oratory of San Guido? The avenue has an unmistakable charm, just as the unmistakable profile of the hill of San Pietro is wonderful .... yet there are those who cannot resist in the periods offlowering cypress.

Symptoms of cypress pollen allergy are the classic ones: manifestations of rhinitis, conjunctivitis, throat inflammation, cough and in low percentages even asthma. Fortunately, theallergy to cypress pollendoes not trigger fruit allergies.

L'allergy to cypress pollenyou fight like allpollinosis. The drugs are the classic ones and you can get a consultation from your GP or trusted formacist: usually antihistamines and cortisone sprays are used in case of rhinitis, bronchodilators are used for coughs, while in more extreme cases where theallergyis followed by asthma, treatment consists of courses of corticosteroids.

For theallergy expressed in the form of conjunctivitis, you must first of all protect yourself: a hat and glasses can act as a mild shield, and there are also those who resort to ad hoc vaccines, capable of making the eye area less sensitive to pollen than cypress. For the implementation of remedies of this kind, we recommend that you consult a specialist who can undergo a targeted test.

To prevent and soothe the symptoms of allergy, it is possible to use natural remedies, in this regard we refer you to the articleHow to fight allergies naturally.

In the photo above, cypresses on a glimpse of Lake Garda
In the central photo, cypresses in Sant’Antimo, Tuscany
In the photo below, an avenue of cypresses cultivated in rows

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